Yoga Weight Loss Secrets: Lose weight with yoga; yoga weight loss ebook, exercise program

Yoga Weight Loss Secrets: Lose weight with yoga; yoga weight loss ebook,   exercise  programClick Image To Visit SiteIf you have ever tried to lose weight, then you probably already know what doctors and weight loss experts know: most weight loss diets only bring temporary results.

If you can find time for 30 minutes of exercises in the morning and another 30 in the evening, then you can do it. You don’t need super will power and self-discipline to do it. You will actually acquire greater will power and self-discipline by practicing the exercises to the best of your capacity. You don’t need athletic ability or a flexible body. If you can even Try to stretch, you will get the full benefits of the program.

There is no need to go out and buy exercise machines or expensive equipment. A woolen blanket or a foam mat is all that is needed.

It depends on you. Some people start losing weight immediately. If you do the simple exercises on a daily basis then in a period of three to six months you will begin to feel and see changes in yourself, and in one year’s time you will be able to talk like other yoga students who say that they were “transformed”.

My name is Dada Vedaprajinananda. I learned yoga in 1970 from an Indian monk. Since then I have undergone rigorous teacher training in Europe and in India, and have been teaching yoga and meditation internationally (Western Europe, the Far East, Eastern Europe, the Middle East). Currently I am based in Albania where I am engaged in social work; the proceeds from this book support a kindergarten which serves children in a very needy neighborhood.

"What is nice about this is it is all right here in one place, simple to read and no gimmicks." Sally Haggerty "I need help believing in myself, and your words, along with your "non pushiness" are just what I am looking for." K.C.

"I am very happy with the exercises, they are suitable to my ability." Madeleine Qudsi

I have been told to sell this weight loss program for more than $50 . If you shop around for yoga instruction in your local neighborhood you will find that it costs a lot more than the cost of this eBook. The money you spend on transportation, going to yoga classes plus the fees that are charged can really add up. And when you do find instruction, your instructor probably won’t have 34 years of experience and the course will not be focused on weight loss. The meditation instructions contained in this eBook are priceless–can you put price on peace of mind? But once again if you shop around you will see that you will have to pay far more than the cost of this eBook to get instruction in meditation.

However, as valuable as this book is, my goal in writing it is to make accessible to you and in order to "get the word out" I am currently selling it for a limited time at the price of $19.95

if you are tired of "up and down" weight loss programs, where you lose weight and then gain it back,

Click Here to Download Yoga Weight Loss Secrets ebook For the introductory price of $19.95

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