Meditation techniques and guided lessons that teach you how to meditate

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Welcome to the meditation lesson website that teaches you how to meditate correctly with a large variety of yoga meditation techniques from Zen, Taoism, Buddhism, Christianity and other spiritual traditions. The more you practice meditation, the easier it will be to lower your stress levels, learn relaxation and achieve spiritual growth. After reading my free lessons and articles, I promise you won’t get sidetracked anymore pursuing personal growth and self improvement teachings that lead nowhere.

You will finally stop flipping between endless meditation techniques and spiritual schools because you fear you’re missing something. You’ll be on the right non-denominational, non-sectarian path. You will learn how to meditate correctly… and effectively… and spiritual progress will finally be within reach. You will become warmer, healthier, more open, free and relaxed.

On this website you will find non-denominational information on various guided meditation methods, transpersonal psychology, consciousness studies, Zen, Christian meditation, Buddhist contemplation, vipassana, japa, kundalini awakening, yoga, chakra balancing, mantra, comparative religion and the common stages of spiritual progress. Our specialty includes Zen and Buddhist meditation methods, yoga practices, and various secret, esoteric or yogic techniques in general. There are free articles on our site for you to read and share with others, or reprint on your own site (please do!). Sometimes you’ll even find entire books on transcendental spiritual stages to help you make spiritual progress. No one lese offers this information … most of it is FREE!

Before you start exploring, you should know that we also send out a free newsletter that covers various spiritual topics and how to meditate using various transcendental techniques from both the East and the West. It also has a natural health focus on holistic medicine, peak human performance, metaphysical topics and spiritual cultivation. Zen meditation, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christian meditation practice, yoga techniques, kundalini awakening, japa and mantra practice… they’re all covered. New Age fads that aren’t genuine cultivation teachings are ignored. To get this newsletter, just fill in the box and click the ">> Start the Sharing! >>" button. Do it right now!

Here’s your first FREE BONUS. Upon subscribing to our newsletter you will instantly receive downloading instructions for a FREE chapter from our best-selling book, How to Measure and Deepen Your Spiritual Realization, that introduces the case studies of many ordinary meditators. There’s also an analysis of advanced spiritual masters who successfully used a variety of meditation techniques and spiritual schools. This chapter on meditation case studies will definitely help you understand your own personal, yoga experiences. It has all sorts of teachings on how to meditate effectively and how to understand the results of meditation.

As to some of our most popular products, please check out our PRODUCTS page or you can head on over to our ARTICLES page to read some topics of interest:

Free ebook on How to Meditate based on basic Cessation-Contemplation Buddhist Meditation Techniques called Vipassana. Japa, mantra and various other spiritual methods are covered, too.

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