Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis – Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis

Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis – Home Remedies for Bacterial VaginosisClick Image To Visit SiteCan home remedies for bacterial vaginosis really be more powerful than prescription drugs? My doctor told me they can’t, but I proved him wrong!

Hi, my name is Louise Endago I went through 3 years of pain and embarrassment until I finally discovered real working home remedies for bacterial vaginosis.

“When I discovered these permanent natural remedies, my bacterial vaginosis disappeared in just a few days.”

I feel so free now just knowing that I am totally clean throughout my body. No more foul ‘fishy’ smells or discharges, no more pain or burning, no more embarrassment, no more worrying or polluting my body with medical drugs.

After 3 years of suffering my doctors and I had given up all hope of curing my condition. I kept filling myself with powerful and harmful medical drugs just to prevent my vaginosis from spreading and causing more damage to my body.

“More than 690,000 women suffer from this condition in the USA, and we both know how horrible the experience is.”

In the beginning for me it was just a sort of uncomfortable feeling that something wasn’t quite right down there. I then started to get a murky discharge that came with a horrible fishy smell. I was too embarrassed to see my doctor about it, so I left it alone for a short while thinking it would go away by itself.

Over time it only got worse and I started to get a burning sensation as well. So I decided to try some over-the-counter remedies. I tried over 5 different treatments. Only one of these treatments helped to relieve the burning sensation a little, but the smell and discharge were as bad as ever.

I started to get really self-conscious, especially about the smell. I was cleaning myself too many times in the day and using boat-loads of perfume to cover the smell. I was avoiding getting intimate with my husband, and when I did I would have to run to the bathroom to give myself yet another thorough clean.

“I got to the point where I was constantly showering and using perfume to cover the smell, but there was no way I could go on like this forever.”

It was only a matter of time before my husband would find out. Eventually he did find out, but bless him he was so understanding. It was my husband who convinced me to go and see the doctor for my own sake. At the doctor’s surgery I was quite surprised.

I had requested a female doctor of course, and she was very professional about it all. She did a quick vaginal examination and told me she had an easy solution – antibiotics. I took the antibiotics and surprisingly enough, my symptoms completely vanished in just over a week!

Wow, if I had known it would be that easy I would have seen the doctor ages ago! But I was wrong to celebrate so early.

“Just five weeks after I was ‘cured’ with prescription drugs, my bacterial vaginosis came back. And this time it was worse than ever!”

My doctor was not surprised at all. Apparently out of every 100 women who are given antibiotics for their BV, up to 50 of them can come back with symptoms that were worse than when they first presented!

She told me that antibiotics are the only treatment that doctors have for this condition. And that a lot of the time antibiotics actually make the condition WORSE! Apparently the best thing was to just leave it alone and to use antibiotics only when the condition got really severe.

Well my condition did get severe, and I was eventually referred to a specialist who tried a whole host of other more powerful creams and drugs. They all seemed to work at first, but my BV just kept coming back. This went on for 3 years and I was eventually told that my condition is just something I would have to live with. This was completely unacceptable to me.

I had lost all of my self confidence. I no longer felt that I was attractive to my partner. I had become so self conscious that I could no longer enjoy sex, no longer enjoy other people’s company and all in all my life was miserable.

The only thing I could look forward to were the first few weeks of relief I was given by using prescription drugs. But those weeks were getting shorter and shorter. I had had enough. I had to find a solution, and I had to find one fast.

I spent thousands upon thousands of dollars on all sorts of different weird and wonderful treatments, ranging from aromatherapy to ayurvedic medicine in the depths if India, from herbal remedies to oriental medicine and acupuncture. I tried hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, reflexology, the ancient Tibetan healing system called Reiki… the list goes on.

“I travelled the globe and tried every natural therapy you could think of to help me with my bacterial vaginosis. It was taking over my life, so I had to get a handle on it.”

“I spent 3 years of my life trying every natural alternative therapy I could think of that would help cure my BV and bring my body back to health, bring my life back to normal.”

In those 3 years I spoke to many experts and met many other women who had cured their own BV naturally. Through all my experiences I made some shocking discoveries.

I found that a LOT of the stuff you read about on the internet just plain does not work. I also discovered that the best treatments for bacterial vaginosis are astonishingly simple, easy to apply and cheap. And best of all, they are all NATURAL!

They have to be natural. Prescription drugs and over-the-counter drugs were never designed to cure bacterial vaginosis in the first place. Because of the way the body works and the way… Read more…

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