Home Made Grip Training Equipment – DIY Grip Tools – Grip Strength Training Equipment

The SECRET WEAPON for lifting heavier weights, building bigger muscle and being more athletic… REVEALED!

I thought, "Why take the time to strengthen my hands, which amount to about 5% of my entire body, when I have so many other goals to accomplish?"

Of all the things I’ve tried, increasing my Grip Strength had the biggest effect on my strength performance EVER!

And while you may see slightly different numbers, I GUARANTEE that you will see strength increases once you start training your Grip seriously, too.

This DVD will show you how you can implement Grip Strength Training into your current program without any hassle.

Grip Strength often gets the reputation of being a “hand strength thing” but it is much more than that.

Grip is everything from the elbow down. Many muscles in the forearm cross at points from the top of the elbow, to the wrist, and furthermore out through the fingers and thumbs.

Grip Strength is the Measure of a Man! Think about it – when you shake someone’s hand, you can tell a LOT about that person just by their hand shake. A good solid hand shake conveys confidence and poise, while a dead fish hand shake makes you think the person is weak, unworthy of your trust, and questionable.

Think about this for a moment – when you lift weights, how often do you use your hands? Practically every single lift, right? So doesn’t it make sense to devote some time to training your hands in order to increase performance on all the lifts in which the hands are involved?

All the muscles that cross the elbow, influence the elbow. Thus, any lift that involves flexion, extension or isometric positioning of the elbow will be influenced and benefited by a stronger Grip. A stronger Grip will help lift heavier weights in Curls, Bench Press, hold longer Handstands.

Because Grip Training stimulates the musculature of the forearm, trainees will see increases in not only strength, but also size in the forearms. Therefore, focused Grip Training will allow lifters to use heavier weights while also packing on more muscle throughout the entire arm. This increase in size is also a benefit for combat athletes, because a bigger forearm is tougher to grab onto by an opponent than a skinny pipe cleaner sized forearm.

The wrists are capable of many postures and each one must be trained in order to maximize strength and stability in each position. Aggressive athletes that dive for balls and experience collisions on a routine basis need to address this area in order to keep themselves from getting hurt and missing playing time. A stable wrist is also needed for all pressing movements and for kettlebell work.

The thumb is like the fat kid in gym class – often forgotten, and never chosen first for the team. Unfortunately this kind of neglect leaves a huge hole in your strength training, keeping you from reaching your potential on lifts like the Deadlift and leaving you open for injury on the field and court.

It’s time to do something to strengthen this lone soldier. Luckily for you, Home Made Strength II was designed by the man with the strongest thumbs in the world.

Picture yourself helping some friends move into their new house. You volunteer to help them lug all their heavy furniture, boxes, tables, and their piano into their new place. But you find that your fingers are too weak to keep up. In fact, your buddy’s wife is pulling her weight better than you are. How embarassing is it to realize you have a set of old lady hands?

It doesn’t have to be that way…find out how you could be benefiting with just a little regular grip training:

With a stronger grip, you will be able to perform better in exercises requiring you to lift and pull. Can you imagine not needing to use straps on all your Deadlifts, Rows, and Shrugs anymore? Instead, strengthen your Grip and save your straps for your heaviest rack pulls and shrugs, only!

With a stronger grip, you can make the weights, dumbbells, and barbells do what you want them to do. Your pressing form will be tight. Your rows will be text-book. You won’t have to throw weights around just to perform curls, putting your shoulders and back at risk. Better quality reps lead to better all-around results.

Think of the weights you’re moving on your lifts right now. You’re working hard and getting it done. But now imagine being able to double your repetitions per set. These kinds of jumps are possible when you don’t have to worry about the weights prying your hands open and having to cut the set short. With Grip Strength comes Grip Endurance, which means you’ll be getting more reps per set, building more muscle, developing more strength, and burning more calories.

The great Kettlebell Master of Sport, Pavel Tsatsouline, speaks about Radiation, the ability to increase strength throughout the body by creating tension with the hands. Because the hands are hard-wired into the CNS, they are able to increase strength production throughout the body when you tense them, and this effect is magnified when your lower arms are even stronger.

Many sports involve the use of the hands and forearms: Baseball, Football, Tennis, LaCrosse, Wrestling, MMA, Boxing, and more. Stronger hands mean more home runs, more tackles, fewer fumbles, harder punches, better wrist control, more takedowns, better puck control…in short – BETTER SPORTS PERFORMANCE!

You are probably wondering what kind of equipment is shown in Home Made Strength II – Grip Strength Edition.

First off, this is not some garbage that you put together on Monday and then ends up breaking on Friday. This stuff is built to last.

Also, this is not a bunch of knock-off equipment. Get ready to make one-of-a-kind pieces of equipment, enhancements to current pieces that are available, and things that simply don’t exist on the market.

Here is a…